for Ministries

BuiltBiz specializes in creating impactful websites for ministries, addressing the unique needs and challenges faced by faith-based organizations. With over four years of experience in web design and digital strategy, BuiltBiz goes beyond traditional web development to offer comprehensive solutions that enhance your ministry's online presence and foster community engagement. Our consultative and personalized approach ensures each site is custom-tailored to meet the specific goals of your ministry, with incredibly fast turnaround times—some sites are even completed the same day.

Unlike large agencies, BuiltBiz values each client as a true partner, providing services such as SEO, social media integration, and graphic design at affordable rates. We are passionate about empowering ministries to succeed online and are committed to delivering high-quality, budget-friendly web solutions that support your mission. Partner with BuiltBiz to create a dynamic online presence that helps your ministry flourish.

Metanoia Worship

Chicagoland, IL | Services: Web Design, Copywriting, Contact Form

Metanoia Worship had a desire to start a ministry but didn’t know where to begin. BuiltBiz provided web design, copywriting, and a contact form, crafting a stunning website and aligning their social media. Now, Metanoia Worship can focus on their mission of helping people find Christ through testimonies.

Grace City Church

East Chicago, IN | Services: Web Design, Copywriting, Graphic Design, Online Giving

Grace City Church struggled with an outdated, underperforming website and decided to shut it down, making it difficult for people in the area to locate them. BuiltBiz transformed their site into a hub of resources for their members and community, revitalizing their online presence and outreach efforts.